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Bright Images Music CD Duplication:

        Bright Images is proud to offer fast, reliable music CD Duplication in any quantity. We use the best burning drives and only premium quality CD-R media, which enable us to deliver duplicated CDs with a higher compatibility rate than the industry standard. Bright Images offers duplication at any quantity; there are no minimums. Duplicated CD-Rs can be turned significantly faster than replicated CDs; in fact we can provide a same day turn. Our services include: CD duplication, audio editing & transfers, graphic design, printing, packaging and fulfillment.

        In the CD industry, the term label refers to the printed image on a CD. There are three ways to print a label for CDRs and all are available at Bright Images. Paper Labels are a low cost solution. Our labels look so good that most people don’t realize they are labels. Thermal print is an excellent choice for text and line art on silver or white discs. Inkjet print is a great way to get high resolution and great color but will smear or run if exposed to moisture. However, our UV cured inks eliminate the impact of moisture, providing a stunning waterproof finish. We call this On-disc print.

        We offer a wide range of packaging to give your CDs a professional look, including jewel cases, jackets, wallets and digipaks. Our printing services allow us to provide lightning quick turns when needed. Top it off with shrink-wrap for polish and security.

        If you don’t know where to start, we can work with you to help create your package. Whatever your concept, our graphic designers can make it look sharp. We design cover and disc art for CDs and we also design and print, posters and promotional materials. If you prefer to provide us with finished graphics, our easy to use template packages include everything you need, even a graphic specs checklist.

        We understand that your project is important to you, which is why we strive for perfection every step of the way. At Bright Images, your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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